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At Tunnel Wash Club we are dedicated to providing you the best car washing experience in Oklahoma. If you have questions, browse through our frequently asked questions for a quick answer. If your question is not answered please feel free to contact us!

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  • Tunnel Wash Club is a monthly membership that gives you access to unlimited washes for one price.
  • Yes, the membership is renewed monthly with no long term contracts. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, you will have access to your unlimited washes through the end of the paid period.
  • The price varies based on the monthly plan you choose. It’s $29.99 per vehicle for the Best wash, $24.99 per vehicle for the Better wash, and $19.99 per vehicle for the Good wash.
  • You can see the breakdown of our wash packages by visiting our Wash Menu page.
  • Yes, each car needs to have its own membership. All memberships can be charged to one credit card by adding vehicles to your Wash Club account.
  • You can sign up for a membership without a credit card by purchasing a pre-paid gift card at the Tunnel Wash Club location. You will then add that gift card to your Tunnel Wash Club account. You must be sure to tap the “Do Not Auto Renew” button. This will allow you to join the Wash Club for as long as your gift card funds allow.
  • Downgrading takes place immediately. Therefore, we suggest that you downgrade your membership at the end of your paid period to ensure that you don’t lose access to the wash options that have already been paid for.
  • No, Tunnel Wash Club does not currently offer a family plan.
  • The Tunnel Wash Club app makes it easier for you to manage your memberships. Once your license plate number has been stored in our database you do not need to have your phone to check in. You can just pull up to the Membership Express Lane to enter the car wash.
  • Throughout the year, Tunnel Wash Club may run promotions that allow free or discounted washes for memberships. To take advantage of our promotions you must sign up for a Wash Club subscription.
  • The day you sign up will establish your renewal date. The payment information you enter will be charged each month to date unless the membership is canceled.
  • Every Wash Club account has a set renewal date for all memberships attached to that account for simplified billing. For this reason, if you added a vehicle in the middle of your billing cycle using a 30-day promotion, you will be charged for both vehicles at your next billing date. This is just to sync your membership payments together.
  • You will be charged a prorated amount to extend the coupon wash time out to start the billing the following month on the account billing date.
  • Our Pay Per Wash system makes it easier for you to pay for your car wash without having to buy a monthly recurring subscription.
  • Pay Per Wash stores your payment and vehicle information in your Wash Club account and only charges you for the wash option that you choose at the time of your wash.
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