Car Washing
Made Easy

  • Join the Club
    Join the Club
    Create an account on the Tunnel Wash Club app or online, then add vehicles to your profile. You do not have to buy a membership to create an account.
  • Drive Up
    Drive Up
    At the car wash, our software will scan your license plate and automatically link your vehicle to your Tunnel Wash Club Membership account.
  • Get Washed
    Get Washed
    Once you get through the gate the work is all done! Just pull up to the car wash entrance and enjoy the show as your car gets the ultimate wash.

How It Works

  1. Enter the car wash through the cashier or the self-service entrance to pay for your wash. If you are a member, just pull up to the Tunnel Wash Club gate to enter.
  2. At the entrance, one of our Tunnel Wash Club members will guide you onto the transport belt.
  3. Once your vehicle is on the transport belt you will put it in neutral, release the brake, and enjoy the show!
License Plate Recognition

Our car wash has state of the art technology that will recognize your license plate number as you drive up. It will automatically link the vehicle to the Tunnel Wash Club Membership it is registered under.

Clear Your Plate

Our system will not be able to recognize your license plate if it is obstructed. To get the best experience, please avoid these common mistakes:


Over-sized license plate frames may block some characters from being scanned correctly.

Extreme Debris

Excessive mud, clay, or other materials make it hard to decipher your registered plate.

Damaged Plates

Destructed, scratched or visibly damaged plates may not allow for us to properly read your plate.


License plate covers that conceal your characters make it hard for our scanners to get you in and clean.

Our Damage Policy

Although our wash is very safe, we are not responsible for:

We are not responsible for any vehicle damage to vehicles 10 years or older. This includes: loose body work, superficial scratches, external mirrors, etc. DO NOT USE if vehicle has body damage, loose chrome, or non standard accessories. Open pickup beds must be cleared from all debris before washing.

  • All Antennas
  • Bug Shields
  • Luggage Racks
  • Mirrors
  • Any Non Factory Installed Items
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